Dashboards for the language industry

Now your entire entire team can collaborate and assess mission-critical data, without hours of generating fragmented reports

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Integrating with leading Industry Platforms

Zin Global

Zin Dashboard: Coming April, 2023

Our initial release will enable Language Company Owners, C-Suite Executives, Production/Operation Managers, Project Manager, Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, Client Success Managers and more to know exactly what is going on in their organization with respect to their responsibilities. 

By connecting to your Accounting Platform, BMS, TMS, IMS, CRM (and more), Zin Dashboard becomes a centralized platform to view all your critical company data in one place. You’ll have charts related to virtually every aspect of your business, plus cross-platform charts and reporting, enabling holistic data visualization.


Data Visualization for the Language Industry

Ensure your entire organization is on the same page and looking at the same system information.


 Company Performance

Get clear visuals on key financial data needed to run your organization.


 Production (Translation)

In-depth visual representation of vital real-time BMS data for your entire team.


 Production (Interpretation)

Visualize all types of interpretation assignment data and metrics from your IMS.


 Business Development

See all your critical CRM KPIs keeping Sales Managers and Reps on top of their tasks.


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