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The only AI-first CRM designed for the language industry. 🚀

Focusing on solutions to the primary pain points between Sales, Marketing and Operations for Language Service Companies

"Zin is the antidote to language company insanity!"

Bill Lafferty - Owner, LocNavigator.com

 What we do

We're designing the only AI-FIRST CRM for the language industry.

This means that Language Service Companies will no longer be required to try and force generic CRMs to work with the Language Industry. Because we are different.

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Single Platform

LSCs depend on a multitude of non-integrated, platforms, resulting in disjointed sales and operations.

AI-First Tech

The entire language industry's tech is 10+ years behind, and the demand for AI is only growing.

Robust Reporting

LSCs have a severe gap in their ability to produce effective reporting.

AI Assistance

Language Service delivery needs to adopt AI to maximize productivity.

What does our platform do?

A CRM for Language Companies

The language industry is indeed different. And so why should we be forced to use CRMs that don’t understand our sales processes? That’s right, we shouldn’t. 

(True) Automated Quoting

Receive accurately generated language service quotes right into your funnel, with an auto-assigned Sales rep.

Closed Sales Production Handoff

Never miss critical operational information again, with our automated sales to production handoff features.


Modernizing the industry through the only AI-First CRM, to ensure maximized efficiency.

Smart Chatbot

Our chatbot enables your website to close sales while you're doing other things.

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